Beauty Point House 1

The collaboration between Evolve Building Group and Michael Sandberg of Sandberg Schoffel Architects lead to the creation of this meticulously detailed architectural showpiece.

Throughout the finely crafted property, carefully selected, imported finishes bring elegance and personality. Hints of the client’s love of wine appear in the vaulted ceilings, resembling wine barrels, and French oak floorboards, along with a walk-in refrigerated wine cellar and adjacent wine bar.

The extent of architectural detailing in the Pearl Bay Avenue project demanded that Evolve Building Group develop innovative construction solutions, including custom plaster moulding for the curved ceiling.

Project Details

Size: 300m2 Approx
Consultant Architect:  Michael Sandberg, Sandberg Schoffel Architects
Completed:  2006
Construction Time:  14 months
Council: Mosman Council

Photographer:  Adrian Boddy